Jeux Urbains – Athletes talk about their journey

From March 23 to 25, the 1st edition of the Jeux Urbains was held at the Eaton Centre. A magical event that allowed the general public to discover many extraordinary sports disciplines. XP_MTL invites you to discover the feedback of the athletes at the Jeux Urbains, in the form of unpublished video clips.


Jean William PRÉVOST – BMX Flatland


Champion of the Jeux Urbains Sports Festival, Jean William Prévost (aka DUB) tells us about his athletic journey. Named BMX Flatland World Champion in 2017, he has been riding BMX Flatland for 20 years now.



Mathilde Fortier – Freelance soccer


Mathilde Fortier, a rising star in freestyle soccer, has been practicing this discipline for almost 5 years and won second place in the Freestyle Soccer Millenium tournament in 2021. This year, she also won the Freestyle Soccer competition of the Jeux Urbains.


Sammy Morisset – Boxeur


Sammy Morisset is a young Quebec boxing champion aged 21. He won two nationals in 2019: the Canada Games and the Canadian Championship.


These videos were produced thanks to the participation of the Government of Canada, Tourisme Montréal and the Eaton Centre.

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