TOP 20 of the athletes and personalities you can meet at the Jeux Urbains Festival !

Do you dream of meeting athletes and sports personalities from all over the world ? So join us at the Jeux Urbains Festival which will take place from March 23 to 25 at the Montreal Center Eaton. Whether you are a fan of BMX, freestyle soccer, tricking, dancing, combat sports or want to discover new sports: Jeux Urbains is a unique event that has many surprises in store for you ! You might even meet a few Quebec influencers and stars, such as Brendan Mikan, Loillta Dandoy or Alex L’abbée.


BMX Flatland is a discipline in which the athlete performs tricks on his BMX bike, without using ramps or obstacles. In general, this sport is played on an open and flat surface, such as a tennis or basketball court. Some people describe it as an art form of cycling with a mix of breakdancing.

Instagram @jwilliamp Photo credit: @stephane_bar

Jean William Prévost

Named BMX Flatland World Champion in 2017, Montrealer Jean William Prévost (aka DUB) has been practicing this discipline for 20 years now. This top athlete is also the winner of several competitions such as the 2022 Redbull Circle of Balance. But that’s not all ! Jean William is also a fan of travel: he has visited no less than 37 countries and speaks 4 languages, including Chinese and Mandarin.

Instagram @juancniebles
Photo credit: @jwilliamp

Juan Niebles

Originally from Colombia, Juan Niebles has been practicing this discipline for more than 14 years, which places him today in the BMX Pro category. His skills and perseverance have allowed him to win the first places in international professional competitions and the title of national champion of Colombia in 2019, 2022 and 2023. Juan has also performed for Cirque du Soleil and made more than 500 performances in China and elsewhere in the world.

Instagram @terryadamsbmx
Photo credit: @sean_powe11

Terry Adams

Hailing from a small town outside of New Orleans, Terry Adams was only 12 when he discovered his passion for flatland. It was at the age of 16 that he began to participate in flatland competitions as a professional. After winning a gold medal at the X Games in 2005, Terry received his sport’s most prestigious award: Ride BMX Magazine’s Number One Rider award. He also won the NORA Cup for the 3rd time in 2020 and bears the nickname of “the ambassador of flatland”!

The other BMX Flatland athletes who will be present at the Jeux Urbains are: Rémy Dunoyer, Austin Luberda and Benjamin Hudson. In addition, the competition commentator will be Hector Garcia and the jury will be made up of Simon Marsan, Steve Bergeron and Elias Odeh.

Don’t miss the performances and competitions of BMX Flatland athletes!

Thursday March 23 at 4 p.m. (training) and 5 p.m. (qualifying).

Friday March 24 at 5 p.m. (training) and 6 p.m. (final).


Freestyle soccer is an artistic and sporting discipline that consists of performing tricks using a soccer ball. To achieve these figures, the athletes are inspired, among other things, by juggling, dance and gymnastics. During a competition organized in collaboration with the World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA), world champions Melody Donchet and Laura Biondo will face other athletes known around the world!

Instagram @laurabiondo

Laura Biondo

Italian-Venezuelan athlete Laura Biondo is the recipient of not one or two Guinness World Records, but 13 ! Freestyle soccer world champion, she is also a Cirque du Soleil artist, personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Instagram @melofreestyleball

Melody Donchet

Named 6 times world champion, Melody Donchet is the freestyle soccer athlete who has won the most world titles in history. For more than 10 years, she has performed all over the world for all types of events (sports, cultural, television shows, workshops or even commercials) and has collaborated with many celebrities and soccer brands.

Fun fact: she has juggled an entire day at 3200 meters above sea level on the top of a mountain, with only 60% oxygen and a temperature of -25 degrees!

Instagram @djdiveny
Photo credit: @kienquancreates

Daniel Diveny

A native of New Jersey, USA, Daniel Diveny (aka DJ Diveny) has been playing freestyle soccer since 2014. After playing college soccer, he was part of the New York Red Bulls freestyle team and since 2017, he works independently as a freestyler and content creator. DJ is best known for doing a bit of everything in soccer: freestyle, street soccer, and funny social media videos.

PS: no, Daniel is not a DJ !

Instagram @mathilde_freestyle_22
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Mathilde Fortier

At only 18 years old, Mathilde Fortier is already a rising star in freestyle soccer. Born in Baie-Saint-Paul, she has been practicing this discipline for almost 5 years and won second place in the Freestyle Soccer Millennium tournament in 2021. In 2019, during her first competition, she was the only girl to participate in the Canadian Championship of Freestyle Soccer !

Other freestyle soccer athletes who will be present at the Jeux Urbains are: Kaelen Hernandez, José Avalos Pena, Nicholas Seyda and Jaime Bruno.

In addition, the competition commentator will be Joel Abwunza and the jury will be composed of Georges Chakour, Carlos Dongo and Frank Gonzalez.

Don’t miss the performances and competitions of freestyle soccer athletes!

Friday, March 24 at 4 p.m. (qualifications) and 7 p.m. (doubles, mixed routines).

Saturday March 24 at 3 p.m. (competition).


Tricking is a discipline that combines different movements and acrobatics, such as jumps, flips and twists, originating in particular from martial arts, gymnastics, freerunning and breakdance.

Instagram @the.raspberry
Photo credit: @redgammah

Samuel Laframboise

Born in Quebec, Samuel Laframboise has been practicing tricking for 10 years now. Before learning this discipline, he already teaches gymnastics and parkour and had some techniques in taekwondo. Since 2018, Samuel has been involved with the Air Handlers MTL team, with whom he has organized several gatherings to reach the local and Canadian Tricking community. Together, they also opened the first studio dedicated to this practice in Montreal.

Instagram @yung_lazarus.bbb

Lazarus Turrell-Poole

It was only at the age of 13 that Lazarus discovered the discipline of tricking and decided to invest in it. Born in the Vancouver countryside, he traveled to the big city every month to train with the trick community. At 16, he participated in a meeting in California, which made him want to travel a lot and participate in different events in the United States and Canada.

Instagram @paiget_838
Photo credit: @vaiozephyr_lite

Paige Taylor

With a background in cheerleading and dancing for most of her life, Page started tricking in 2015, when she was 25 years old. She has participated in events in Canada and the United States and visited trick communities around the world. Her goal is to show people that starting a sport like tricking has no age limit and that it’s possible if you really want to !

The other tricking athletes who will be present at the Jeux Urbains are:

Emeric Albert, Jean-Louis Taing, Avery King, Thierry Proulx, Jetmir Veseli, Lester Urizar, Vaios Skretas, Jaxon Wong, Kai-Hsin Chang, Sebastien Gaudet, Wassim Dridi, Esteban Tremblay, Jessica Do, Ashley Obsieger and Emily Fuchiwaki.In addition, the commentator for the competition will be Cédric Cloutier-Boucher and the jury will be composed of Martin Cochingco, Ethan Turner and Nick Huang.

Don’t miss the performances and competitions of the tricking athletes!

Friday March 24 at 4:30 p.m. (training) and 5 p.m. (qualifying), in the interactive zone.

Saturday March 25 at 2:30 p.m. (competition) in the interactive zone.


During the Jeux Urbains, 4 types of dance will be presented in the form of competition: Popping, Hip Hop, Breaking and Locking. Historically, battles began at dance parties with spontaneous “call outs” in the middle of cyphers. Today, they are organized as dance events where two dancers or groups of dancers compete to the same music. The winner is usually deliberated by a judge or set of judges who points directly to the person who moves on to the next round !

Instagram @junior_dorsaint_orpur Crédit photo: @blacksmithpat
Instagram @junior_dorsaint_orpur
Photo credit: @blacksmithpat

Dorsaint Delande aka Djüngle

Montreal artist Djüngle is a professional dancer with the companies Or Pur and Ebnfloh and specializes in House and Hip-Hop styles. His skills have allowed him to participate in the Just for Laughs festival, Breaking Convention, 100lux, World of Dance Qualifier, Danser pour Gagner TV Show and many others. He was also the winner of the 2022 JOAT Festival in the Hip-Hop category.

Instagram @______pixel Crédit photo: @seynarose.2
Instagram @______pixel
Photo credit: @seynarose.2

Marie-Anouck Huard Lefebvre aka Pixel

Coming from Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Marie-Anouk discovered her passion for dance at the age of 11 in a studio located in her hometown. After a few years of competitive dancing, she decided to perfect herself in Popping and Freestyle. It was in 2019 that she participated in the second season of the show Revolution TVA as a duo. She now works with Forward Movements Company and she continues to deepen her knowledge and develop her style through various experiences!

Richard Savann aka Kazee
Instagram @kazeecorrupt
Photo credit: @dophanhoi

Richard Savann aka Kazee

Kazee has been breaking since he was 18 and has been a member of Montreal’s Stylz Corrupt since 2017. During his dancing career, he has won and reached the finals of several competitions, solo or in duo, such as Batlle des Plaines in 2022, Up Yours in 2021 and Unis-Vert (Nuit-Blanche Distorsion) in 2020. Fun Fact: Richard Savann is also a game designer at Norsfell in Montreal !

The other dance athletes who will be present at the Jeux Urbains :

In addition, the commentator of the competition will be Shadow and the jury will be composed of Sam I Am, Scramblelock and Vic Versa.

Don’t miss the performances and competitions of the athletes in dance on Thursday March 23 at 6 p.m. (competition) !


Five types of combat sports will be presented during the Jeux Urbains: Olympic wrestling, fencing, taekwondo, judo, and boxing. Don’t miss it !

Virginie Gascon
Instagram @virginie11ya
accompagnée de @e.rinrain

Virginie Gascon

Virginie Gascon was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. After graduating from high school, Virginie pursued graduate studies at Concordia University, Montreal, where she currently studies and competes on their wrestling team. Her passion for sport led her to become a member of the Canadian national wrestling team and to participate in many competitions around the world. Since 2019, Virginie has been national champion in the 55kg category. She has also traveled the world representing Canada and competing at the highest levels, including placing 5th at the World Championships in 2021 and 2022. Her ultimate dream is to become a world champion and Olympic gold medalist in wrestling.

Other combat sports athletes who will be present at the Jeux Urbains :

In addition, the commentators of the demonstration will be Georges St-Pierre, Kim Clavel, James Mancini and many others!

Don’t miss the performances of combat sports athletes on Saturday March 25 at 12:30 p.m. (demonstrations) !


Instagram @kevinraphael21
Instagram @georgesstpierre

For 3 days of fun and discovery, Kevin Raphaël, comedian, host and true sports enthusiast, will be in charge of the entertainment ! In addition to doing stand-up, he managed to combine his passion for sport and his talent for animation by joining the TVA Sports team in 2017. Since then, he has hosted the sports program Le Kevin Raphael Show and is an analyst for WWE RAW, the first on hockey and the second on wrestling. He is also a collaborator on other TV projects such as Destination Coupe Stanley, Code G, ALT and VLOG.

Holder of the record for the most UFC victories, Georges St-Pierre will also be present alongside Kevin Raphaël during the Jeux Urbains !


Instagram @vinnybombay

DJ Vinny Bombay – Competition area

(Zone compétition)

A festival as we love it never comes without music ! We therefore called on DJ Vinny Bombay so that festival-goers can listen (and dance) to good music, while enjoying free sports activities in the Interactive Zone. His style stands out for its diversity: a big fan of 90’s Hip-Hop, Disco and House, he will be able to transmit his passion for music through his DJ sets and musical productions.

Instagram @_truwayz

TRUWAYZ – Interactive area

(Zone interactive)

Jeux Urbains does not have 1, but 2 DJs who will ensure a memorable musical atmosphere throughout the festival! In the Interactive Zone, Montrealer Carlos Quezada aka TRUWAYZ will be behind the decks. His style, a blend of Electronic and World Music mixes dance floor ready synths, with the soul and movement from his Latin roots. Creating Moombahton & UK Bass Music, he also combines his own touch to house, Pop and Baile Funk.

**Don’t miss the Jeux Urbains Festival, from March 23 to 25 at the Montreal Eaton Center**

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