TOP 5 things to do this early spring

You can’t find any new ideas on what to do? You are over winter and just waiting for spring to come? Guess what, there is little time left to actually enjoy the end of the winter. Therefore, to make your winter a little more fun, we created a list of fun activities you can do this month. There are lots of things to do, so you better get up and go outside to enjoy it. You’ll see it will be nice.

Where to grab a coffee?

Do you always go to the same coffee shop and get tired of it?  You can find more original addresses than going to Tims. It is definitely time to try out a new place. With the weather warming up, it’s even nicer to have a coffee and walk around the city.



Where to shop?

You wanna shop and clear your mind? Shopping is a perfect excuse to go downtown and do some window shopping to find the best clothes or the best home decor. Either way, it’s very crucial that you shop for your summer clothes, wink wink.


Where to go out?

We can hear clubs, bars and karaokes just reopened, for the Xst time (lol we lost count…). Time to motivate your friends, family, girlfriend, boyfriend, whoever the f*** you want, we’re going singing and dancing all together. Or we can just do cultural activities. Time to get ready.


  • Cabaret at Monastère: 1439 Sainte-Catherine St W
  • Bellefeuille Art Gallery: 1367 Avenue Greene
  • CEO Karaoke: 1008 Clark St

Where to have brunch?

Is it your Sunday morning ritual? Or do you just have cravings in the middle of the week? We understand you perfectly since we are going through the exact same thing. Just thinking about it makes us brunch hungry. 



Where to watch the latest movies?

You wanna watch Batman and you’re looking for the coolest place? Date time or just with friends? The downtown area has many nice movie theaters, which is perfect for a night out.



**So what are you up to this week?**

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